Career Opportunities

You will join a young and dynamic team in a vibrant research environment conducting collaborative studies/projects related to Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Asia-Pacific region.

Research Fellows

We are looking for Research Fellows with the following skillsets:

  1. Focus on applied research in healthcare, workflow, infrastructure, design, optimization, modeling and simulation. Other areas such as behavourial science also welcomed

  2. Trained PhD preferred.

  3. Fresh PhD graduates from good schools in Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, and Logistics are welcomed to apply.

RESEARCH APPOINTMENT – Research Engineer or Research Fellow

There are three job roles within the positions:

  1. Researcher

    You will undertake industry research related to logistics and supply chain systems such as Supply Chain Risk Management, Urban Logistics etc.



    • Interested candidates should have an interest and expertise in conducting good research on the logistics and supply chain systems. He/ she should be able to examine topic areas such as supply, demand, economic environments of the system;
    • Experience in Supply Chain Risk Management or Urban Logistics would be advantageous;
    • Experience in simulation and optimization would be advantageous;
    • Experience in industry research would be advantageous;
    • Ability to travel and speak Bahasa Indonesia would be advantageous;
    • For Research Engineer: MSc/MENG degree with at least two years of relevant work experience;
    • For Research Fellow: PhD in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Business or Computer Science with interest in either optimisation or empirical work and programming. Some related experience in Logistics or Supply Chain Management is preferred;
    • Fresh graduates from good universities with an interest in conducting industrial research may also apply.